Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder
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Turin DF64E Espresso Grinder

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Recommended Use

We recommend this grinder someone that primarily grinds for single dose, but occasionally needs a hopper.   

Video: Kyle Rowsell Review

Video: Unboxing and First Impressions by Portakeeper


Customer Unboxing Video

We are happy to announce another great variation to the very popular DF64 grinder – the DF64E. The DF64 is an electronic dosing variation that allows users to use preset timed dosing buttons for either single or double shots. It also has a button that allows users to manually dose. While single dosing has become very popular, there are customers who prefer not to hassle with weighing beans on a regular basis, but like to have the option to single dose when they have more time. If this describes you, this may be a perfect grinder for you. In combination with timed dosing it has a hopper that can hold enough beans to make multiple drinks without having to refill the hopper every time. But if you want to switch to single dosing, the hopper can be removed and replaced with a bellows and lid for single dosing.

Espresso Grinder

The DF64E has a more limited adjustment mechanism when compared to the DF64 Original, for this reason we recommend the DF64E for espresso only, while the DF64 can be used for a wide range of coffees.

Key Features

64mm Burrs / SSP Burrs

The DF64E comes standard with 64mm Italmil burrs. If you want to use SSP burrs, we recommend getting the DF64 original grinder due to an easier installation and calibration process. 


The DF64E comes standard with a bellows. For those who wish to single dose, the bellows will help remove any retained grinds from between the burrs and the burr chamber. If you decide to use the grinder for single dosing, we recommend that you pump the bellows firmly at the end of each grind session WHILE the grinder is on and the burrs and still spinning.

Three Dosing Options

The DF64E has three electronic dosing options, one for a single dose, one for a double dose and one for manual dosing (with no timer). The buttons are built into an attractive digital interface that has a simple design with large digital timer that can be easily monitored. The timed dosing buttons can be easily programmed to modify the amount of time the grinder runs when each button is pressed.

Lower Burr Adjustment

The grinder adjustment is at the bottom of the grinder and adjusts the bottom (spinning) burr for a more stable grind size adjustment. This keeps the distance between the burrs very steady while coffee is being ground. It also allows the burr chamber to be cleaned without losing your grind size setting.

Metal Base and Metal Body

Like the DF64 original, the DF64E has a sturdy, essentially all medal design. The base is medal and has a built in switch on the right side of the grinder base, compared to the DF64 which has a switch under the portafilter rest.

Small Footprint

The DF64E has a very compact design that allows it to easily fit in most kitchens and under most cabinets. It is only 4.9 inches wide, 7.3 inches deep, and 16.5 inches tall with the hopper! If you single dose and don’t use the hopper, that reduces the height to only 11.5 inches! This makes it more compact that almost all grinders on the market with 64mm burrs.

Powerful 250 Watt Motor

If a grinder has a motor that is too weak it can overheat during operation or can cause additional friction during the grinding session with can create particle size distribution issues as well as flavor issues. With a 250 watt motor, the DF64E has the power it needs to provide great results. The motors have proven to be very reliable over time and we have yet to have one fail on the original DF64 grinders as well as all the variations.

Dosing Cup

The grinder can be used with the included food grade dosing cup or can be used with a 58mm portafilter that can also fit into the portafilter rest / dosing cup holder. We also sell an optional upgrade, which is a beautifully made, stainless steel dosing cup. The optional upgrade fits into the dosing cup holder. If you order the optional upgrade you will also get the standard plastic dosing cup.

Premium Wood Design

The DF64E has a wood top and wood lid that adds to the aesthetics of the grinder and make it a truly beautiful grinder that will add to the appeal of any kitchen.

Stepless Adjustment

The adjustment mechanism on the DF64E is stepless, which means there are an infinite number of settings between the smallest grind size setting and the largest grind size setting. This allows you to fine tune the grind size to the size that works best for the coffee you are using. Every bean type, age, roast level, brew method, etc has a different ideal grind size, so it is important that a grinder allows you to fine tune the size adjustment as much as possible.

New Declumper Design

The declumper is a new design created for this variation of the DF64 and in tests it has worked very well.


The DF64E comes with a sturdy, clear plastic hopper with a well designed lid. The design is both attractive, but also easy to keep clean and easy to use. The hopper has a built in stopper gate that can be opened and closed if you need to remove the hopper and don’t want to have a bunch of beans spill all over the place. It holds 225 grams of coffee beans.

    Brand Names

    This grinder will be sold in other countries with other names, such as Solo DF64E, G-iota DF64E, Frigga DF64E and probably others.

    Video: Taking Apart the DF64E


    • Width: 4.9”
    • Length: 7.3”
    • Height: 11.5” without hopper
    • Height: 16.5” with hopper only
    • Weight: 14.4 lbs
    • Adjustment: Stepless adjustment, with bottom burr adjustment, not top burr adjustment
    • Motor: 250 watts
    • Accessories: Comes with durable plastic dosing cup and rubber single dose bellows
    • Volts: 110, 15amps with correct hertz for USA wiring. We do not sell 220 volt versions.
    • Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty, with optional upgrade to three year warranty.
    • App-Controlled: NO
    • Housing Material: 6061 Aluminum alloy
    • Model Number: DF64E
    • Controls: Electronic Touch Control
    • Product name: DF64E coffee grinder
    • Color: White or Black
    • Size in mm: L190*W120*H420mm
    • Bean hopper capacity: 225g

    Very similar to the DF64P, but has timed dosing buttons vs the DF64P that does not. 

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