DF64 Customer Reviews

Better Grinds Better Coffee

Posted by NK on 11th Jan 2022

I use this grinder for both filter and espresso drinks. I have used nice conical burr grinders but much prefer the sweetness, clarity, and flavors of these 64mm flat burrs. The motor seems robust with the overall workflow and user experience a joy. Joe's customer service, communication, and knowledge are top shelf. I wouldn't recommend buying from anywhere else.


Love it

Posted by Dean Larson on 10th Jan 2022

this is a great grinder, so glad i waited. my only complaint it the grinder didn't come with a marker (needle) that shows where i'm grinding.


Cleaner, Sweeter, Brighter Coffee

Posted by The Niche Killer on 11th Jan 2022

The DF64 grinder is incredible. So incredible, I purchased 2 of them. My thoughts echo Portakeeper's, go watch his youtube reviews. This is the Niche killer. Joe's communication and service make me want to buy more things from him or hire him over at my company.


DF64 Impressions

Posted by Aaron on 9th Jan 2022

I have been using this grinder for a few weeks now exclusively for espresso so far. I purchased the brown color with the base steel burrs. I am upgrading from a Gaggia MDF grinder which I have lived with for a decade. I was considering the Niche Zero for quite a while, but have never been motivated to go through the purchasing process on Indiegogo and timing on trying to find it even available for purchase. Thanks to Espresso Outlet, purchasing the DF64 was very straightforward and they were very communicative on shipment timelines and set appropriate expectations. Packaging was excellent. The grinder and components are well protected by dense foam. Box does indicate what is inside in case that matters to you. Fit and finish are excellent at this price point. The brown has a copper tone with sort of a sparkle that is attractive - much more than I expected from a vinyl wrap. If I didn't know it was a wrap, I might think it was some sort of copper. I was very happy I took a bit of a risk on ordering the brown as I don't think any of the photos showed what it was like that well. The weight of the grinder is substantial and I suspect this is primarily due to the motor which hopefully is indicative of a long service. The bellows are a thick silicone rubber that fit perfectly in the aluminum hopper. There is an aluminum cap that fits snugly. I have learned that if I just push the bellows below the cap, the cap comes off easily and I much prefer to leave the bellows in the hopper for cleanliness. The clear plastic dosing cup is thick enough that it should be durable in normal use. The power button has a solid and confident feeling. The dosing cup holder can also hold a 58mm portafilter solidly. Grinding is quite a bit faster and quieter compared to the old MDF I was using. I am sure this isn't the quietest or fastest grinder but I find the performance to be perfectly acceptable. Additionally, the grind quality is superior and makes a positive difference in the cup. I love the single dose workflow and retention improvement this grinder has given me over the MDF. The stepless adjustment works well. There are a few minor annoyances which is why I deducted 1 star: 1. There is a retention near the end of the grind that must be blown out with the bellows. There is maybe a half gram of fines that come out at the end which seems to be due to the declumper in the grind chute. I just updose and don’t use the final puffs on the bellows after the resistance of the coffee against the declumper has cleared. 2. There is a bit of spare grinds that end up on the grinder or counter. I use a brush to clean up when done for the day. 3. The grind setting indicator is a bit hard to discern. 4. The power cord doesn't store neatly away any excess like the Niche Zero. The cord is also not removable. If it were removable, I could at least buy a shorter cable instead of having the excess. 5. I would like to see spare parts become available. While the bellows, cap and dosing cup are good quality, it's possible they could become damaged through some accidental means. In conclusion, I am satisfied with this grinder overall despite the minor annoyances. It has a quality look and feel that exceeded my expectations and it has greatly improved my enjoyment of making espresso as well as the final output in the cup. I am sure I also would have been happy with the Niche, but the DF64 has its own strengths and can even be upgraded to use different burrs which isn’t something Niche can't do!


Excellent for the price

Posted by VH on 9th Jan 2022

The Turin DF64 is an excellent value for a step-less flat burr grinder. I am new to espresso. With some practice, I am able to dial a consistently good espresso shot using DF64 on home-roasted beans. It is not a perfect grinder, as other reviewers have mentioned, but I can give it 5 stars as it can help produce a consistently tasty espresso every day. Joe was great to work with, communicated order status and shipped the order promptly.


Nearly Perfect (given the price)

Posted by DJ on 21st Dec 2021

*I would have given 4.5 stars, if it were available* I've had the DF64 for nearly 6 months now. I ground only aeropress, V60 and french press for the first few months until my Flair 58 arrived and I started grinding for espresso, as well. Out of the box: The retention was variable at 0.3-1g per run with certainly improved grind quality than my previous $40 home machine.. however I was a bit disappointed by the amount of fines and the inconsistency of the retention. After reading a LOT of reviews/experiences online, I first tried to modify the declumper (I was sent the "updated" version). But when that failed to improve the problem, I removed it entirely. Without the declumper present, this grinder is everything I was hoping it would be. Grind quality is fantastic. Retention is almost never higher than 0.1g. And the fines are minimal. The only drawback is an increase in static cling, but that is easily fixed with a little RDT--an extra step in the morning, but not one that I mind. For espresso: The grinder has been amazing. Stepless adjustment allows the very precise changes I would hope for. I have nothing but great things to say (still running without declumper). If it weren't for the static issues (which are easily fixed, as mentioned above) and the need to fiddle with the declumper, I think this would be a 5-star grinder all day long. Especially when it's price point is SO much better than what you'd have to pay for other grinders of the same quality. I hope this helps! Cheers!



Posted by Wayne on 7th Nov 2021

Shipping was fast! The machine works like it’s suppose to, make sure to calibrate burrs for actual 0 setting. Comes with a plastic cup for the grinds, some say it’s cheap but I’m okay with it. The pump action makes it extremely close to 0 retention. Saw some reviews about static, it happens if grind holder is too far from the shoot so get closer don’t be shy.


Great grinder and purchasing experience

Posted by Gabriel on 31st Oct 2021

I had a great purchasing experience with Espresso Outlet who was very attentive to my requests and questions while waiting on the preorder list. This is my first espresso grinder but it’s obvious to me this is a great value.


Turin DF64 ELR Single Dose Low Retention Espresso Grinder

Posted by Frew Schmidt on 29th Oct 2021

This grinder works really well for me. I'd give it 5 stars but I needed to order an extra part (https://www.etsy.com/listing/1035994475/turinkeeper-df64-espresso-grinder-dial?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=df64&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1&bes=1&variation0=2065418414) for it to be easy to use.


Turin DF64

Posted by Jim McG. on 28th Oct 2021

I've been using the DF64 for 3 months and am very pleased with it. On the positive side, it is relatively quiet, has excellent, stepless grind adjustability, and the bellows work well to minimize coffee retention inside the grinder. On the negative side, the placement of the on/off button is a bit awkward, and the cup holder should be a little higher (or the output chute a bit longer) to eliminate the tiny amount of ground coffee that overshoots the cup and ends up on the kitchen counter. Overall I'm happy with the purchase and feel like the price is very fair.


So far so good!

Posted by Kimberly on 26th Oct 2021

We got this in the September pre-order with upgraded burrs (the espresso ones). I was nervous spending over $700 on a single-dose grinder (the price with burrs) but this was recommended to us over and over. We opted for it due to size and our personal use needs. It's been FANTASTIC!!!! It can actually grind finer than we need! Our first grind at 0 was super coarse and not at all what I expected. However, once we dialed it in (by using a cheapy store-bought bag of beans), its been amazing. Grinds to a perfect powder and we only keep it at maybe a 20ish grind setting. It's easy to use and looks great next to our Gaggia. Oh and go ahead and upgrade those burrs. The added expense is worth it as they do it for you before shipping and it's still less than other recommended grinders I've found.


Espresso Grinder

Posted by Sanford Shapiro on 26th Oct 2021

It grinds excellent coffee once it is set properly. But the settings are hard to read


Very solid grinder!

Posted by Liz on 26th Oct 2021

I am very impressed with the solid build of this grinder as well as with the quality of the grinds and produces (so far I am only using it for espresso). It’s also pretty quiet.


Great bang for the buck, good alignment

Posted by Patrick C on 21st Oct 2021

This grinder plus the SSP Multipurpose burrs represent a great value in grinding. They can do low-flow shots, high flow turbo shots, and brew with ease. The installation and alignment from Joe was good, not perfect, but got me up and running really quickly. At some point I’ll revisit with a dial indicator and shims. That’s really the last 5% I’ll squeeze out of what this grinder can do, though. It’s 95% of the way there.


Great grinder and simply the best vendor

Posted by Matt on 8th Oct 2021

Joe has been incredibly helpful and responsive, and the grinder it an absolute beast. Perfect if you love being able to upgrade and modify things yourself, but also fantastic right out the box.


Great Grinder and Service

Posted by Evan on 1st Oct 2021

Have had my grinder for 2 months now. Night and day difference from my Rancilio Rocky I have paired with my heavily modded Pavoni. Joe did a great job answering all of my questions throughout the process. Do yourself a favor and buy this grinder, you will not regret it.


Turin DF64

Posted by Chuck Schwimmer on 11th Sep 2021

I've had this grinder for a little over 2 months now. My previous grinder was a Eureka Mignon Silenzio. I loved the quality of grind from that Eureka grinder as well as its looks and how quiet it was. After using the DF64 for just a week I found that I like it better than the Silenzio. The main thing that I think is much better is the very large and fine increment grind adjustment dial. You can do better micro adjustments and it is much easier to return to an exact previous grind level. Also, while I had made a bellows for the Silenzio to eliminate grind retention, the bellows that is included with the DF64 is far superior. Build quality of the DF64 seems very robust and the grind quality is excellent. Only 2 minor cons that I can think of: I'd prefer a hinged bellows cover since it is a little finicky to remove (need fingernails to remove it!), and the adjustment ring could use some knurling to aid gripping it when adjusting. Aside from those minor issues, it's a fantastic grinder, especially at this price point.


Turin DF64

Posted by Garrett on 6th Sep 2021

I purchased this grinder with SSP espresso burrs installed and am really happy with it's performance as well as my decision to purchase it through Espresso Outlet. It seems to be very well made and with a few modifications it's as good of a grinding experience and as I can imagine. Espresso has been outstanding! Mods include 10 degree tilted base, anti popcorn, pointer for grinder setting, anti clumping improvements, knob fixed to the bellows cap to assist in cap removal. I removed the cup holder to allow grinding directly into the portafilter. Also rewrapped in a black and gray camo vinyl which was very easy. Mods are easy and not necessary but just make my workflow and experience more enjoyable and consistent.



Posted by Ronald on 27th Aug 2021

When I first received the grinder I intended to run some coffee beans through it for seasoning. I ground 18 grams to start but quickly decided I should dial it in for espresso rather than just waste beans.. Based on previous buyers experience I set the grinder to 15 from touch point and ground it into the cup. It looked like an espresso size grind. I now could not help myself. On goes the Breville Double Boiler, grind a test sample into the portafilter and amazingly the shot was within the right time frame, looked good and smelled good. One more test sample was similar but despite it being later than I usually want caffeine I had to try it. I thought it was good so off I went for an expert tasting from my wife. She said it was better than the other coffees this week. A higher recommendation cannot be achieved. Coffee good, WAF Wife approval factor priceless.


High Quality with Low Retention

Posted by D. Bell on 27th Aug 2021

This is a top quality grinder with a solid build and several fine features, such as ease of grind adjustment and burr cleaning.


Awesome machine, punches above its price range

Posted by Peter on 26th Aug 2021

Disclosure: I got this at the discounted price of $450. At full price it would have been outside of my budget. I only use it for espresso so my experience is at the setting of 5 to 15. I only had this machine for 3 weeks so this is first impressions: I single dose and my old grinder had a 1.0-1.5g retention which could be mitigated with scraping the insides and shaking the grinder around which got old after a while. When I saw that this machine had a bellows, a larger burr and a large motor I was sold. I love it so far. With utilizing the bellows I'm consistently getting 0.0-0.1g retention. (to be honest without the bellows its retention is not much better than my old machine - but hey in the end it provides a great solution to my problem). My only beef is that there is no grind setting indicator to speak of. There is the top ring with numbers but no indicator to reference those numbers to. There is a $10 3D printed indicator I found on etsy which I may need to invest to get this addressed. Based on my first impressions I highly recommend this machine or under $500... at full price the Niche is a solid alternative but it has its own issues.


Far and away better than my Rocky.

Posted by Ken Hagins on 26th Aug 2021

Quiet and fluffy grinds.


Fluffy grind and great value

Posted by JC on 9th Aug 2021

This grinds beans very fine and fluffly. I ground fine enough to choke my espresso machine without any issues of clumping or clogging. Easy to clean and many YouTube videos on how to calibrate. I like the fact that you can choose different burr sets. I got the titanium coated burrs. This is a solid grinder and great value for what you get. As James Hoffman has noted, you need to put a small spritz of water on your beans, especially for lighter roasts, or else you will get static cling on the outside of the dosing nozzle. I also suggest using a dosing funnel, because the blower can be messy. Once you figure out the workflow, it works great! It's not the prettiest of machines, but few grinders are. You cannot beat the price value with the grind quality. I just wish the power button wasn't underneath the dosing cup, but not a big deal.



Posted by Roger Christensen on 6th Aug 2021

I like this grinder a lot. I’m using it for pour over and aero press. I also make a wannabe espresso with the aero press. It does this extremely well. I get great flavor and consistent results. Not too loud and a great motor. A joy to use with the exception of the silly switch placement. I would definitely buy again.


Turin DF64

Posted by Jordan on 4th Aug 2021

I'm really really happy with this grinder! Also, seeing how difficult shipping from China can be I'm glad I waited to get it from EO. This was a significant step up from the Sette 270 I had. At first I was curious and wanted to experiment. I didn't think I'd be able to taste the difference. I can. So much so that the Sette is now in storage and I only use the DF64. Can't really compare it to other grinders but I'm definitely happy and honestly found that it didn't need any modifications as some would have you believe. It's good out of the box with the stock burrs.


Outstanding Value

Posted by Andrew on 1st Aug 2021

The title says it all. But for the value you would really be hard pressed to find something comparable. I bought it with the stainless steel stock burrs and they produce very uniform grounds. I am using this mostly for espresso and find about 17 is best. It is easy to adjust and runs very quiet. Only minor downside is if you don’t hold the cup up to the outfeed port you tend to get grounds on the counter. This is at worst a minor inconvenience. Bottom line, get this grinder. And you can always upgrade the burrs later on.



Posted by Gregg in olathe on 28th Jul 2021

Running as stock, standard burrs. Pretty perfect out of the box. Med roast espresso perfect at 10 setting. Fast, quiet no static, no retention. Prefer this to my conical Sette for espresso. Great machine



Posted by Eligius on 27th Jul 2021

Works great and as advertised. Well made and looks like a quality machine. A shield would be nice to avoid coffee dust all over.


Turin DF64 ELR Single Dose Low Retention Espresso Grinder

Posted by Jeff on 26th Jul 2021

Great grinder for the price -- have been using it for espresso, aeropress and pour overs, with no issues jumping back and forth with the standard burrs. Ultimately, what matters most to me with a grinder is that it just works and works well, and this fits the bill perfectly. If I was going to give it any downgrades, it was mostly about the coffee bean that serves as the dial indicator -- it's admittedly difficult to see, and I completely missed it at first -- but at this price and for the fact that it does just what it says it will do, that's a small thing I can live with.


Good Grinder

Posted by Tyler S on 26th Jul 2021

Took a few attempts to really figure it out grind-wise, I find that the indications on the dial are pretty good guides my equipment and beans do better on the coarser side of the dial, but that will vary. What I like is the grind range, the weight keeps it steady on the counter, exterior cleans nicely with just a cloth to wipe off, not super loud, the bellows really keeps the grinder interior clean. While I haven't needed to it seems built in a way that makes it easy to replace burrs or maintenance on the motor or anything else. What I don't really like is the dial can be difficult to turn (takes two hands to spin to adjust). The cups capacity is a bit small ~30g which is what the manual says I only wish it was more like 50g which matches the bellows/loading cup. Bottom line I'd recommend it to my friends and family.


Turin DF64

Posted by Lucas O'Donnell on 26th Jul 2021

This is a great grinder, especially for the price. Before this grinder came out if you wanted a single dose 64mm flat burr grinder that could do espresso it would cost $1,750. Coming from the Baratza Sette 270 this grinder feels like a tank and is super quiet. The bellows work as intended and really help to get the last bits of coffee out. After the grinder was broken in the coffee grounds have come out very light and fluffy. One flaw this grinder has is without installing a third party device or 3d printing a device, the dial indicator is hard to read. My current solution is to line up my thumb with the dial indicator and then use my thumb as a target.


Turin DF64

Posted by Rob on 22nd Jul 2021

Very nice grinder. I ordered the standard burrs. Checked alignment before using and it was very close. Seasoned with a kilo of older coffee beans. I have been using it for about a month now for espresso and I find it to produce fluffy grounds consistently. I am very happy with it. The only modification I made was to put a rubber band with an arrow on it around the silver tube, to highlight the grind setting.


Turin DF64

Posted by Mike on 22nd Jul 2021

Really enjoying this grinder. I wasn't sure what to expect out of the box die to the endless modifications people have been making. But in my opinion this grinder functions just fine without them. Hard to beat performance especially for the price.


Turin DF64 Grinder

Posted by Peter on 21st Jul 2021

I really like this grinder. I use it for medium to light roasted beans primarily for espresso. I elected to purchase with upgraded burrs and I noticed an immediate improvement over my 22-year old Rocky with conical burrs. No clumping issues and far less channeling. I'm still getting workflow dialed in and expect that the burrs will improve as they season. The power button is not in the best place, but that's a minor complaint. For this price point, I don't think you can find a better grinder for espresso!



Posted by Jason on 20th Jul 2021

The Turin is a very nice grinder for fhe price for home use. It is well built. The quality of the grinds for V60 is excellent. It gives option to switch to espresso easily. I recommend this grinder for home use.


Turn DF64

Posted by Khang on 20th Jul 2021

Arrived flawless with burrs already aligned.


Great grinder

Posted by Matt S on 20th Jul 2021

I have to say I'm very pleased with this grinder. It provides consistent fluffy grinds for a variety of preparation methods. I've used it for espresso, pour over, and Aeropress. Shots are consistent and tasty. I can dose directly into my portafilter or Aeropress. It's clean and quiet. My only critique would be the placement of the power button- it would be better if it were on the side or near the top. This grinder is definitely superior to anything else in this price range. I could easily have spent twice as much to on an inferior product. Communication from Espresso Outlet was great.



Posted by Jose Guzman on 19th Jul 2021

Very good value. If into single dosing grinding, highly recommend. Only “negative” is somewhat difficult to dial to a particular number/setting. Easy fix available as a 3D printed marker/ring.


Turin df64

Posted by Larrie on 19th Jul 2021

Package arrived in good condition on expected date of delivery. So far grinder has worked great straight out of the box. 5 thumbs up


Must Get!!!

Posted by Matt on 19th Jul 2021

I love this grinder! Makes my shots so tasty. Must get!



Posted by Jeff on 19th Jul 2021

I have been using the Turin since i received it. Its a great grinder to easily switch from V60 to espresso. I ordered with italmill burrs. I didn't have any issues with clumping or clogging. The retention is very low. I prefer holding cup and grinding into as i use WDT in portafilter afterwards. The only thing i didn't like was the heavy piece of metal in the bellows. It fell out more than once filling beans. Id prefer aluminum cap vs heavy metal. But its minor. For cost its an unbeatable value. I highly recommend the grinder for at home use. Its well built and not inferior parts


Amazing single dose grinder

Posted by Lisa Marie Monahan on 19th Jul 2021

I was disheartened by the difficulty in getting a Niche Zero and ended up trying the Turin when it was presented for pre-order. I was using a Mazzer Super Jolly with a doserless mod and loved it, but it was a bit messy and cumbersome to use with the blower and chute. The Turin arrived and it was as immediately the best suited grinder for my wants: single dose, low retention, flat burrs, little mess, and attractive in design. I’ve had no issues with alignment, perfect shots dialed in easily, and the bellows help make sure retention is near to zero. On top of all this, it costs much less than the Niche and is more readily available. I absolutely love this grinder and have zero complaints! It quickly and easily replaced my Mazzer Super Jolly as it’s much nicer to use. Thanks to Joe for his hard work making this great grinder available for us to use



Posted by Roger Christensen on 6th Jul 2021

Quiet, solid, elegant, beautiful grind. Non-existent retention. In spite of all the setbacks I really appreciate you getting these here as quickly as you did. International shipping with the pandemic has been a nightmare. Joe went above and beyond to deliver these as soon as he did. Great product and service.