Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

Please note: Before shipment most or all espresso machines and grinders are removed from packaging and tested. This is done to ensure that they arrived without damage from overseas shipment and to add to or modify packaging for shipment. Many machines are also bench tested. Grinders may have some residue from testing upon arrival. Signs of opened packaging or grinds does not mean the product was returned or used by another customer. 


We have a 30 day money back return policy on all Turin Products for customers in the United States. The customer will receive a refund if the item is returned in like new condition, with all accessories that came with it, with all original, undamaged packaging, clean and packaged according to the specifications we provide. If the product is returned in this condition you will receive a full refund minus all shipping costs. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee as outlined below in our terms and conditions if the product is not returned as specified above. We also reserve the right to refuse a trial for any reason. One trial per customer unless otherwise specified. 

For INTERNATIONAL customers (outside of the United States), you can return, but refund will be minus all shipping costs we have to pay as well as any import duties, taxes, fees or customs associated with international shipping. 


Important: When making a purchase with Espresso Outlet you, the customer, or purchaser of products, are also agreeing to all terms and conditions on this page and website.

Espresso Outlet is committed to providing you excellent service and helping you find the products that best suits your needs. Included below are our complete terms and conditions of sale which govern procedures, responsibilities, shipping damage, exchanges, cancellations, returns and warranties. If you need clarification on the following terms and conditions of sale, please contact us.

General Terms

Applies to all purchases.
Please select your items carefully as we are unable to add to or modify your order. All orders are subject to a cancellation fee. All damages, defects, and missing items must be reported within five business days of delivery receipt. Sorry, shipments cannot be redirected. Signature at delivery is required for all major metro areas (including those under $100) and for all purchases over $100 everywhere. All items, including those tested by the manufacturer, are sold as-is described in the line item/order and are new, unless otherwise explicitly indicated. All limitations and procedures are outlined and explained below.

  • Minimum Purchase for all Payment Methods - We thank you for understanding that there are costs associated to processing your order. There is a $50.00 minimum purchase at Espresso Outlet which enables us to cover our cost to serve you.
  • Repair Services - Repairs performed by Espresso Outlet or an Espresso Outlet designated service facility have a 30 day parts (except electrical parts which have a 5 day warranty) and 30 days labor warranty limited specifically to parts replaced. The warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, negligence, power surges, "Acts of God", shipping damage, or other items that were not in scope of the repairs invoiced. There are no returns or refunds for repair services.
  • Customer Claims - All claims by customer for 'not as described', 'defective merchandise', "not fit for intended use', 'no longer fit for intended use', and 'incorrect merchandise received' must be made in writing via our service/warranty ticket form within five business days of receipt of merchandise. A lack of a claim for 'not as described', 'defective merchandise', "not fit for intended use', 'no longer fit for intended use', and 'incorrect merchandise received' will suffice as customer's approval that the merchandise is 'as described', 'is not defective', 'is fit for intended use' and is the correct merchandise received. Any aforementioned customer's claim will only be limited to
  1. ad copy only on Espresso Outlet’s internet pages and print advertisements,
  2. will not include phone/email conversations with or by sales staff, and
  3. will not include claims or advertisements made by manufacturers or competitive companies' advertisements, literature, or verbal claims.

Espresso Outlet makes every effort to provide accurate detailed information. Customer understands that detailed specifications of products are subject to change without notice and may slightly differ (cosmetic, internals) when the product delivers, but the general purpose of the product remains the same. Customer will not hold Espresso Outlet liable to changes in product features made by the manufacturer.
For all claims made for shipments that a common carrier did not require a signature, the customer is responsible for providing and filing a local police report to Espresso Outlet and the carrier prior to re-shipment of an order or refund, both of which are subject to the tariff and procedures of the carrier, which can include a wait time of up to 10 business days.

  • All Special Ordered Items - An order for special ordered item(s) (item(s) not advertised on our website at the time of sale or items noted as special order) may be charged, determined by Espresso Outlet, up to a 50% cancellation fee (if not shipped) or a 50% restocking fee (if shipped) plus all shipping and handling fees. Refusal of delivery of special ordered items will subject the order to a credit less a 50% restocking fee and then less all freight charges and fees (to and from shipping location). These fees are still imposed including situations of delivery delays out of the control of Espresso Outlet.
  • Shipping and Handling Fees - Shipping fees (including shipping costs to provide "free shipping" or "shipping included in the purchase price" of the merchandise) to and from your location are the responsibility of the customer, and handling fees are considered as non-refundable and non-reimbursable, and are deducted from the overall credit after any restocking fees and bank/credit processing fees. Handling fees are our costs to internally process an order. Refusal of a delivery or purchases returned due to a carrier unable to make a delivery will subject the customer's credit to a reduction of the restocking fees, bank/credit processing fees and shipping fees to and from customer's location. In cases where free shipping is provided for orders over a specified dollar amount (i.e. $99), and part of the order is returned that will bring the total order value under the specified dollar amount, then the credit amount will be reduce by shipping and handling fee for which shipping would have been paid on the order.
  • Shipping - Orders shipped on pallets are to a customer's curbside only, do not include delivery on personal property, and do not include inside delivery. Orders shipped via UPS and FedEx include delivery to the customer's external door. Orders shipped via USPS are to a customer's mailbox or door, depending upon package size. We make every attempt to provide accurate shipment dates, but it is important to understand that they are only estimates. 
  • Returns Without a Return Authorization Number or Product Warranty / Registration Card - All eligible returns "without a return authorization number" or "without a product warranty/registration card" may be declined any credit and/or will be subject to a non-refundable restocking fee up to 20% of the purchase price plus the deduction of the non-refundable shipping and handling fees. The issuance of a return authorization number is not a guarantee of refund. Acceptance of a return without a return authorization number is not a guarantee of a refund, and a refund can be denied.
  • Returns After 30 Days of Customer Delivery Receipt - Eligible returns and refunds will not be processed for returns that arrive at our return center after 30 days of customer delivery receipt.
  • Cancellations - Our cancellation policy applies for all orders, including those that have delivery delays. Any order that has not been processed, nor shipped, is subject to a cancellation fee of 5.5%. This charge is to cover non-refundable credit card fees we must pay and general order processing fees. A request to cancel an order that has shipped is handled as a return and is processed within 30 days of return receipt at the Espresso Outlet facility or the manufacturer or any of our supply partners. All items classified as 'Special Order' are subject up to a 50% cancellation fee. These fees are still imposed including situations of delivery delays out of the control of Espresso Outlet.
  • Discounted Package Deals, Customized Orders, Build-To-Order Packages, and Free Gift with Purchase Orders - Any eligible return item that is part of an order which included any discounts from a discounted package deal, customized order, build-to-order package, or a free gift with purchase may have those discounts reversed on the credit. For example, if a package deal includes free cleaner in a package with a $100 discounted grinder and an espresso machine, and only the espresso machine is returned, the credit will have the $100 discount and the sales price of the free cleaner deducted. In other words, the discount and sales price of the items kept will be deducted.
  • Discounts and Coupons - All discounts and coupons as applied on any order are applied to all eligible returns and refunds.
  • Sales Tax - All purchases shipped ONLY to a Michigan address are subject to Michigan Sales and Use Tax of 6%. Tax exempt organizations are required to present a completed ST-3 or ST-5 form and proceed with a phone purchase only as our online system does not recognize exempt organizations. There is no sales tax collected for shipments outside of Michigan. Customers are reminded to comply and assume responsibility to pay any sales and/or use taxes to their state of residency. All taxes and brokerage fees related to the importation of goods into a country outside the USA are the responsibility of the customer.
  • Pre-orders - Pre-order shipment dates are only estimates. There are a wide variety of factors that can effect the timing of international shipment arrival and customs clearance. We make every effort to provide accurate shipping estimates, but due to factors beyond our control we do not guarantee shipping date estimates. In most cases, US Customs clears international shipments immediately, however, there have been circumstances in which it has taken days to several weeks. 
  • Products
    • Grinders: Coffee grinders, including those built into super-automatic espresso machines, are intended to grind unflavored whole coffee beans only. The use of any grinder (unless specifically stated in our product detail pages) for flavored coffee beans, other food products, or regrinding the grinds will render the coffee grinder (if applicable, espresso machine with built in grinder) as a non-refundable, non-returnable final sale. If a grinder product is returned with evidence of flavored coffee or other food products, the customer assumes responsibility of all costs to receive back the grinder. Otherwise, in 30 days, the grinder will be considered abandoned.
    • Colors: Our Graphics Department makes every effort to portray the color of an item as accurately as possible on our site. However, the color of an item may appear differently according to the settings on your monitor. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the color displayed on your monitor.
    • Images: We strive to provide the most accurate images of our products as possible. However, despite our best efforts, some product images prove difficult or impossible to obtain. In these cases, we will use the closest representative image we can find for the product. These representative, illustrative images may show optional accessories or features, or may be an image of a similar product.
    • Quantity: Products are sold individually unless otherwise noted.
    • Dishwasher / Machine Wash: All products are NOT microwave or dishwasher safe unless otherwise noted.
    • We recommend that you carefully read the product description and other related product literature such as Specification Sheets, MSDS Sheets, etc., before placing your order. If you have any questions or concerns about a product even after reading the description and product literature, please contact us.
    • Measurements: All measurements, including but not limited to weights, dimensions, volumes are approximate. Please note that measurements can be approximated by Espresso Outlet, provided by the manufacturer, or converted from the manufacturer. On equipment, measurements are typically made at the base of the unit, and usually does not include an extensions from groupheads, steam or hot water wands, etc. Manufacturers will make modifications without notifications. In addition, volume measurements may be in ounces or fluid ounces which are different. Although Espresso Outlet makes the best effort to provide measurements and update and modifications to measurements, Espresso Outlet will not be responsible for any errors/modifications in measurements, and customer agrees to hold Espresso Outlet harmless of all liabilities regarding same.
  • Holiday Returns - Must mention GIFT in comments section of online order. For applicable items only (ie food items not returnable). All items must be returned in LIKE NEW condition with all original packaging. All other terms and conditions of sale apply. Online orders only between November 1st - December 17th of the current year.  RMA# required and shipment must be received in our facility by January 15 of the following year.

Additional Exclusions:

  • Exclusions to limited warranty applicable to products as noted. The following exclusions, which are not limited to, include and apply to the product during the warranty period:

    1. Expendable items and items whose damage occurs as a result of failure to follow instructions that come with the product,
    2. Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling,
    3. Products for which the applicable serial number has been removed or altered,
    4. Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning, neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power surge or any external causes,
    5. Operation of product outside the parameters stated in the user documentation that shipped with product,
    6. Usage of parts not manufactured by original manufacturer,
    7. Modification or service by anyone other than our authorized distributor or an authorized warranty provider,
    8. Any acts of God, such as, but not limited to, lightening, flood, or fire,
    9. The cost of installations or routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items,
    10. Usage of product intended for home use (all machines listed here) in a commercial environment/setting/purpose,
    11. Warranty period is not transferable,
    12. Shipping costs to ship product back to authorized warranty center provided,
    13. On-site labor, and/or expedited shipping cost of parts to customer for self-repair.
    14. Products shipped or brought outside the United States of America
    15, Cosmetic defects (added 09/15/2011)
    16. During first start up, machine reset switches sometimes reset before water is added to the machine to prevent damage to the heating element. This is not considered a defect as the reset is performing as intended – to protect the heating element. For this reason it is important to follow manual guidelines for filling or connecting the machine to water.
  • IMPORTANT: We will not accept returns, shipments relating to warranty, or exhanges that do not have original packaging. A machine or grinder that is shipped without original packaging is almost certainly going to be destroyed during transportation. It is also a good idea to keep packaging in case of warranty issues or future maintenance/repairs. The original packaging is specifically engineered to reduce the possibility of shipping damage. 

Important Note Regarding Defective Equipment Upon Receiving Delivery

The customer should report any issues directly to Espresso Outlet then we will contact the appropriate Service Department, which could be ours, a suppliers, or a manufacturer depending on the brand. A service technician will diagnose the issue and work with the customer to send out the part and offer telephone assistance to replace the part. 

If the customer is unwilling to work with the Service Department for a simple fix, they may return it for repair and will be responsible for the cost of shipping.  Should the Service Department deem the necessary repair to be unreasonable for customer to perform, it will be returned to us for repair and we will pay the shipping costs. Be sure to contact us for the correct shipping address.